Your AI Patent Filing Assistant℠

Ready whenever creativity strikes

Streamline your invention journey from initial design to patent protection with our proprietary multimodal AI model. Experience innovation made simple.

Interactive Design Process

Upload sketches, describe ideas, and receive tailored feedback. Deep similarity searches that truly grasp patent intricacies.

End-to-End Automated Patent Filing

Empower your creativity with AI-driven patent and trademark filings. Automate and streamline office action responses to protect your innovations efficiently.

AI Patent Watchdog

Dynamic monitoring of text, video, photos, and more, offering comprehensive insights for safeguarding innovations.

One-Click Global Patent Filing*

*Coming Soon: Effortlessly navigate and file in complex global markets tailored to your business expansion.

The InventorsFund℠

Empowering aspiring first-time inventors facing financial challenges with the support and capital needed to transform their first ideas into reality.

Update, iterate, and Future-proof

Continuously evolve and future-proof your patents, leveraging cutting-edge technology for sustained innovation and market relevance.

An AI Company that Invented Itself

We built Patty first. She did the rest! Taking action and advising on the process of filing and initial registration of our own entity.

2024 and Beyond

  • Formal app & platform launch (coming soon)
  • Release of private beta
  • Patty v0.2 self-files her initial IP

January, 2023

  • Consumer and market testing of prototype
  • Registered domains and Patty.AI
  • Completed early model architecture

“I’ve been an inventor at heart my entire life, dreaming up ideas that others brought to light. The maze of patent filing—complex, daunting, and costly—kept my innovations in the shadows. But from this struggle, Patty was born: my solution to democratize invention, making patent protection accessible to every visionary. Because no great idea should ever remain just a dream.”

Adam X

Founder, Patty LLC